SBS NOVA | Startup Services
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Startup Services


Contact Smart Business Services today. We have assisted entrepreneurs with all aspects of opening a business

  • Marketing your ideas. In today’s business environment your website is the first place prospective clients turn. Call us today to find out how we can help you establish your corporate identity through logo design, web development and other marketing tools.
  • What type of entity should you be? LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietor? Our staff will help you determine the entity that makes the most sense for you now and for your long range plans and then walk you through the process of establishing your entity with state and federal agencies
  • Development of business plans – more often than not great ideas fail for lack of planning. Understanding the economics of your business is critical to long term success. We can help you develop cash forecasts, budgets, and long term plans.
  • Set up of the accounting records. Many business owners make the mistake of not bringing in an expert accountant from the beginning. They believe that they will save money by handling their accounting themselves. More often than not this leads to poor record keeping and scrambling at year end.
  • Tax services. Whether you are a single member LLC, an S Corp, or a C Corp, your tax picture changes once you establish your business. We have partnered with CPA firms throughout the country to support our clients in all aspects of tax return preparation and planning.
  • Planning

  • Accounting

  • Tax Services

  • Support